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Data guidelines - Versioning

It is important to ensure accurate version identification and access in the mdw Repository. Thus, mdw Repository provides versioning functionalities.

Versions in mdw Repository are identified by the version numbers in the resource section. Each versioned document has a link to it's version history file. This separate document provides information on how versions differ - an information hardly trackable after some time has elapsed.

Versions can be identified by file names too. For example, myDoc.html is the current version while myDoc_v1-0.html is the initial version. This enables linking to a current version of a resource.

Resources aimed at citation require a unique persistent identifier for each version.

Title Title of the resource
Description Description of the resource
Created by Initial resource creator
Maintained by Maintainer of the resource
Created Creation date
Last modified Last modification date
Version Responsible Notes Last amended Link to version
1.0 John Doe Initial version created 2016-06-27 myDoc_v1-0.html
1.0 Jane Doe Added link to OAI resource 2016-06-28 myDoc.html